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The Center for GI Health & The Colonoscopy Center ranks #1 for Quality of Care & Value (2016 Independence Blue Cross Data).

What leading physicians & patients are saying…

From large hospitals and national healthcare organizations to smaller private practices and outpatient centers, Fuse has provided gastroenterologists a world-class view so that they can better detect pre-cancerous polyps before they become dangerous.

Insist on Fuse® Colonoscopy

Innovation is hard. For 20 years, doctors have used the same old technology – looking at the colon with blinders on. There’s a reason why saying someone has “tunnel vision” is often a negative comment. When your view is limited, you may end up missing things. Potentially important things. That’s why the innovators at EndoChoice® wanted to create a technology that removed the blinders – so doctors could see what they’ve been missing for 20 years.